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Drugged Up Rant

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May. 3rd, 2008 | 08:46 pm
location: Dorm
mood: sicksick
music: Good Luck - Big D and the Kids Table

So yesterday, all of a sudden and almost out of nowhere, I seem to have come down with something awful.  I'm not so much feeling better today, as much as feeling different.  Yesterday I had an fever and I spent much of the night unable to sleep and making countless trips to the bathroom to remoisten the cold washcloth I had fused to my forehead and neck.  Today my fever's cooled down considerably and I now just suffer some minor aches and pains.  My skin seems unusually sensitive, and even just rubbing it hurts a little.  My throat's swelled up and I can't turn my head very well; I've been eating up cough drops like candy.  Still I managed to make it to school to do a little transferring and shooting, but I've been drugged up so much all day that I know my perception must be terribly off, so I'm trying to avoid human contact for the day.

I heart painkillers.

As classes come to a close and critique week approaches, I find myself worrying more and more about the lack of work I have to show.  I know I did a lot of work, but none of it is finished or even presentable or remotely professional-looking.  Perhaps this week I can spit out some coloured stuff... that always looks more finished than the poorly drawn crap I usually spit out for assignments.  I wonder if my lack of satisfaction in my work is founded or not.  Teachers seem to like me, but I wonder if it's because they see how worried I am and want to make me feel better... or maybe they say that to everyone.

After Tuesday, I'll be heading back to the 'burbs to furiously look for jobs and pull together some critique work.  Then when the summer starts, I'll hopefully have a job (full time or two part-time, ideally).

Good luck, with not forgetting who you are,
Good luck, even though it seems you have to
Good luck, finding your own way, not setting in where your not happy
Good luck, remembering it's only life
Good luck, not following what you don't believe in
Good luck, seeing many problems are only a big deal if you make them
Good luck, being someone who can always help someone out
Good luck, in remembering how much you can effect someone else
Good luck, with not being selfish
Good luck, with not being alone
Good luck, in this world we're all just trying to get along
Good luck, with not getting caught up
Good luck, with not getting stressed
Good luck, with figuring things out
Good luck, with doing your best
Good luck, with not losing yourself
Good luck, with standing for what’s right
Good luck, for being happy when you sit to review your life

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